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tourdates of bands you should see

here are some tourdates for you, for heartfirst bands and other bands that you should go and see. i stole these dates from various sources so you should check for updates before embarking on a trip to the mentioned venues. see you not too far from the pit or the dancefloor!

ps: ich weiß auch nicht, warum das alles hier in englisch ist.

dj flowerchild

some people are stupid anough to let me dj after their gig or at their party. the next dates are:



www.be-part.org diy gig listings and more for southern germany
faulzahn die österreichische wüste lebt, z.b. auch im pmk innsbruck

hamburg punk

concert overview for hamburg
kafe kult long running diy concert place in munich
rote flora squat in hamburg
stressfaktor political and countercultural info for the berlin area
sunny red self organised concert place/soup kitchen/bar in munich