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bands on heartfirst

alice donut awesome band from nyc, nice people, great music and great artwork
romantic gorilla one of the best japanese bands ever
brand new unit vancouver in-your-face hardcore with drive, punch and melody
boxed in awesome uk band, are now dead, check out the new war all the time.
strain helped define heavy canadian hardcore in the 90s
idora killer japanese hardcore that now has more rock-influences, the band has been around for close to 15 years.
insurgency wow, the boys put together a website in 2004, cool.
urban terror old japanese band that put out their debut 7" on heartfirst, recently active again
fratricide one of the best canadian bands of the 80s, awesome skate thrash on pusmort and uh heartfirst



norwegian links, not just music

drunk good band from oslo with lotsa friends of mine, ex members of...
summon the crows newish/reformed band with alltid jaget and statens menn ex-members
lilac sky records label and distro from trondheim in norway, now relocated to denmark
blitz the legendary squat/youth centre in oslo
gamlebyen.no website run by my friends from oslo, you can see påsan and alto sail the seven seas
nakkeskudd plater new label and distribution from norway
norway rat mailorder cool diy mailorder from southern norway
boligaksjonen squatting and other political info from oslo
pain solution if you want pain....  
rabalder bros. chainsaws and axes, friends of toamol



canadian links

flexyourhead radio show hosted by eric, the don of vancouver hardcore, ex fratricide, ex strain
by a thread this band is ex strain and ex capone personnel.
fans of bad productions canadian label that gave drunk from norway a canadian home
deranged records canadian label that puts out international hardcore of solid quality



links to diy concerts in germany

www.be-part.org diy gig listings and more for southern germany

hamburg punk

concert overview for hamburg
kafe kult long running diy concert place in munich
rote flora squat in hamburg
stressfaktor political and countercultural info for the berlin area
sunny red self organised concert place/soup kitchen/bar in munich



links to counterculture in berlin, my hometown

berlinpunk.de links to various bands from berlin, these days kinda outdated


a long standing squat in berlin, best place for gigs in berlin, but not for every style 
yellow dog one of the cheapest distros around, nice people and cheap prices


labels we like and respect

625 productions high quality label for mid-80s style thrash and fast hardcore from around the world
beri beri long running and still active label from hamburg, germany
busted heads awesome swedish label with killer hardcore punk and thrash from around the world, r.i.p.
crucial response though some of his bands' lyrics are rather laughable, i respect peter for sticking to his guns. one of the few long standing quality diy-labels in the world
feral ward label, formerly by the name of the great american steak religion
flat earth records sned rules the diy scene in the uk, without him bands would have no drummer,
fight records finish label from tampere that keeps the tradition of harsh finish 80s punk alive
fidel bastro sexy noise rock label from hamburg run by two football hooligans
gloom records us east coast label which specializes in harsh 80s style hc from around the world, quality.
hungry ghost great midwest label, home of the great assrash and weaving the deathbag
kangaroo records henk from a'dam puts out early-80s-killers, one of the best labels in the world
karate records san francisco label that has put out deadfall and other bay area greats
kick'n'punch records quality label from kopenhagen, denmark. various sublabels exist, too.
mcr co. the longest running diy label in japan
nabate a great diy-label from belgium, used to put out classics like hiatus, still going
per koro besides his metal label markus runs a cool mailorder (1st and 2nd hand)
ratbone records french label which put out the HHH discography with more goodies in the works
prank records hardcore label from the bay area. ex home of HHIG and many othe great bands
schiffen awesome german label with great german bands like dackelblut or turbostaat
scorched earth policy german diy-label and distro, good but sometimes a little too new school (=metal) for me
skuld releases commonly seen as a "crust"-label skuld still stands out because of sincerity and quality
too circle japanese label which put out a great police line 7" (usa) amongst other things
vendetta mob label from berlin specialising in split 7"s, among them a solid decline/strong intention 7"
x-mist german label and distro that has been going close to forever



other bands that are worth your time (and money)

gauze to call this band legendary is an understatement.
henry fiat's open sore simple, raw early 80s us style punk from sweden, great live band, too!!! 
seein' red these old farts teach most young 'uns a lesson or two. essential Euros hc!
hammerhead stalwarts of antisocial german punkrock
leatherface legendary band from england
manifesto jukebox killer finish punkrock band that sounds nothing like your typical finish bands
now denial german hc punk powerhouse, some of the nicest people, too
turbostaat killer melodic band from northern germany, in the vein of ...but alive, angeschissen



distros/mailorders we recommend

brickwall distribution and store in portland, also contact for the great partners in crime records label
stickfigure the best source for heartfirst releases in north america
flight 13 a big mailorder from germany, one of the few biggies who still has some style
ebullition mailorder and label, very effective, very good intentions
hardcore holocaust cool mailorder for anything soap-free and with black and white covers, stupid name tho
some strange music  mailorder run by matt average of engine fanzine fame



mixed personal shit

independent media if you are tired of the non-news that are fed to you every day
punks over 30 a bunch of frustrated old fuckers who are too dumb to quit this punk shit - great!
rudy ray moore dolemite, the godfather of blaxploitation and a great entertainer! awesome samples
austrinken.com awesome drunk-punk site with great musical taste. discographies, interviews etc.
pusfan website the official website of fans of pushead and his various activities
maximum rocknroll the most important fanzine in punkrock ever. now on the web



traded links

blind date records diy label from germany that put out -- amongst other things -- the insane 20 band 7" compilation called onslaught
metallifits this man is a huge fan of misfits and metallica (sic!), also infos on pushead art


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