english reviews of heartfirst releases

here are some reviews of our releases so you can get an idea of how these disks are. it's always better to let others speak as we feel stupid praising our own platters. we mostly used reviews from respected (yeah - right!) and well-known punk zines from north america and elsewhere so that you already have an idea about their taste. don't you love these ads when some "hardcore"-label quotes KERRANG! telling us what the hardcore record of the year is? also many quote descriptions from mailorders who are not really unbiased. we really do not send out many promo copies anyway, so there are not that many reviews around -- but decide for yourself. the following reviews are very much as they appeared in print, we only took out the worst typos -- enjoy kiddies!

KRIEGSHÖG - Hardcore Hell E.P.

i am almost left speechless on how fucking good this record is. the ultra-hardcore brutal legion needs to maim and murder to get this record ‘cuz it fucking kills an I heard it is already long gone. ok, what does it sound like, you may ask? driving, fist-pumping hardcore with loads of distortion, ferocious drumming, and vocals that drive right through my skull. side one paints a picture for you by having some war-time sample – ya know, gunfire and commotion followed by a sic-year-old girl’s blood-curdling scream – then in comes the audio assault. killer!" (martin sorrondeguy, maximum rocknroll no. 300).

Bombastic hardcore from these Tokyo, Japan thrashers. Full-on distortion, blow-out bass lines and thundering drums blast out of the speakers. Vocals that remind me of Lip Cream and theStalin. Music that has the noisiness of Exclaim meets Disclose yet it still retains an underlying structure of solid music. Not for timid ears becasue this stuff is not pretty. This is the second press issued out of Germany. This first press, I read, sold out fast. The way things sound, I think this release will also go out of print quickly. (Donofthedead, Razorcake No. 48)

The record also made a lot of the Best-of-2008 playlists in MRR No. 310 (March 2009). Here is what the critics had so say. Cissie Scurlock: I've already stated that Hardcore Hell is one of the most intense pieces of music that I've heard in a long time. Kriegshög is best listened to alone and at full volume, so you can revel in the crazed, dense sounds. It continues to get better with every listen. Martin Sorrondeguy: Drum roll, please.... This here is the best fucking record of the year!! I have abused my neighbors, lovers, and friends with the insanity that drips from this piece of plastic. I can't get enough of this record. It has brought chills to my spine, made me blow a speaker, and acted as the mental soundtrack to my imaginary drive-by-shootings at last year's Republican Convention. Fucking ridiculously good. Golnar Nikpour: AUUUURGGGHH!!!!! This record is sick, sick, sick. I had to wait for an attainable version, since the Japanese press sold out faster than Martin can find a date in a laundromat, but it was worth the wait. Vicious, unheard of sounds make this record seem like it's from another fucking planet. Best hardcore EP in years!?! Andrew Underwood: Kriegshög is on fire. They can do no wrong. Justin Briggs: Hands down the best new band on Earth. Perfectly executed, noisy D-beat crust done the way only the Japanese can. I don't really know what else to say -- it's so hard to explain perfection. And while I picked this EP for my list, everything Kriegshög put out this year (split-EP with Dog Soldier and a split 7" with Deathtribe [see next year's list]) was phenomenal, I listened to Hardcore Hell the most. I am stoked for way more material from this killer band. Paco Mus: "Play loud and die" it reads the back sleeve of this hardcore monster. And that's just what I did, many, many times as a matter of fact. I am still alive though. Hailing from Japan, Kriegshög continues the tradition of Frigora or Framtid. Japanese noisy hardcore highly influenced by the early Swedish bands, that is. Kriegshög's recording makes them sound more like Zouo than most Swedish bands, mainly because the agonizing vocal delivery. The whole record sounds tense with the aggression and intensity levels in the red as soon as the war samples that open the A-side are over and remain that way for the entire duration of the EP. They also released a split 7" with Deathtribe that is just as good. Vinnie La Russa: Tell me there's a band that sounds like Kuro and Anti-Cimex and I'll sell you my left (last) kidney. Read about them on a message board, ordered fifteen copies of this single for my burgeoning distro, received three and the rest of my money -- all sold out. Gave one to MRR for the library, one to Blind Justin, kept one for myself and the rest is Popsike history. Not sure on the accuracy of the original description but I don't fucking care; this record is pure insanity. The B-side starts with bombs, guns, and crying. Switch to the instruments and it's feedback and noise with everything in the red. "Play Loud and Die!" Thank you, my sentiments exactly.  


BURIAL - Hungry Wolves 7"

Follow up to the great LP of last year, this new EP is even better. I much prefer this kind of stuff in short bursts, so four tracks does me fine. As with the LP, this is straight-up Japcore worship by way of Germany (complete with Sugi artwork): thick guitars, galloping drums, wailing leads, and DEATHSIDE-esque vocals. While they pretty much steal the blueprints from classic Japanese bands of yore they have enough character to stand out on their own. Boss. (MRR #280)

The latest from the powerhouse known as Burial. Bruising songs with angrily spat out vocals and a tandem of hardcore, crust and some metal—kind of a modern-day Japanese hardcore sound, if I had to pinpoint it. In any case, the rampaging qualities are in full effect and the cowbell for “Insanity” is a cool touch. (Al, Suburban Voice)

Not like DURAN DURAN’s “Hungry like the Wolf”, Germany’s BURIAL are the hungry wolves ready to chew the bits out of these new romantic icons. In some ways BURIAL are Deutschland’s answer to Japacore. They draw on some burning spirits influences with their big burly biker sounding guitar. They kind of remind me of CHAINSAW. But BURIAL does so at the same time as it draws on the moodier Swedish D-beat of TRAGEDY’s sound. What you end up with is one cut throat band that brings the heavy rock feeling into a refined Swedish d-beat. It is not as distinct as that. BURIAL do a great job of meshing the two sounds. It is moody burning spirits materials without the length to their songs. This is a four song ep, of the latest material recorded by the band. There is a fifth song to this recording that is going to an MRR comp. Watch for that too. (Equalizing Distort, Toronto)

SOLID DECLINE - Adorning the Void 7"

Obliterating speedfest. Ten tracks of hyper-pitched hardcore from Germany, fueled with inventive guitar leads and marked with DEFORMED CONSCIENCE-styled ram-charging harshness and similar growl-grunt blunt vocals. More precise than their debut, catching you off guard with stop-on-a-dime delivery and curious breaks -- akin to members' previous band Y, but never reaching Y's extreme blast-beat pitch. 750 copies in a silk screened sleeve. Ace. (MRR #280)

10 songs spread over two 7”s and packaged in a triple panel foldout for this German band’s latest release. Three of the guys from Solid Decline used to be in Y and I like this band a lot more. The band’s speed is better controlled and there are some killer melodic guitar lines to go along with the burn. The 80s-era German band Inferno used to do something similar—aggression but also managing to add, for want of a better term, a tuneful sting. In any case, it’s impressive. (Al, Suburban Voice)

Blazing German fastcore that hits like a brick across the face. It has the super harsh elements of the glass-gargling Swesih bands like ACURSED and SKITSYSTEM, but the music is way more straight-ahead fastcore like DEFORMED CONSCIENCE or Y (SOLID DECLINE has ex-member of that band). The production is much bigger than their last release which really serves them well, making this double disc a full-blown ripper from front to back. I think I would have preferred this to be an LP rather than the tricky double 7", but all the same this is a monster. Limited too, so get searching. (TB, MRR # 283)


Most bands these days give their worst throwaway tracks to compilations for good reason – most labels do a horrible job with comps, through bad distribution, crap artwork, tons of filler bands, hack recordings, the list goes on. Heartfirst somehow managed to find seven worthy bands to give not only exclusive tracks, but downright scorchers. I really can’t remember the last time I thought that a whole compilation was worth listening to. The recordings are great, the artwork is awesome down to the screened plastic sleeves, the bands all have their own style, everything is here to warrant a good review. The standout tracks for me are BURIAL with “Under the Badge,” an over the top Japanese style hardcore anthem. DOOMTOWN’s track “In the Jaws of Hell” is straight-ahead no-nonsense hardcore with a small TRAGEDY vibe, but not at all a replica. I know I told Christoph that I would tear him a new asshole in this review (ha ha ha) but BOMBENALARM’s track, “First Class Sheep, Second Hand Dogs,” is my favorite, with awesome, unnerving chants and powerful, focused rhythms that cut and soar. Every other band is well worth checking out as well, but at risk of making this a novel I will leave it at that (WK, MRR #274)

Another winner here from HeartFirst, this time showcasing bands from the Fatherland. Every song on here from start to finish is a crisp, punk as fuck HC song. We start with THE NOW DENIAL contributing a bass-heavy brutalizer. BURIAL, new German HC darlings, do their Japanese HC influenced shtick, great tune by these guys. SOLID DECLINE do a straight hardcore song with rage and angst piling up at their feet. BOMBENALARM have a traditional melodic German hardcore sound with a touch of modern crust thrown in. CHAINBREAKER do a pissed off 80s hardcore style about village Nazis boozing it up at a bus stop and harassing people. DOOMTOWN have that gruff German crusty sound nailed. The compilation ends with the best song, a ripper by AMEN 81 with ultra-loud vocals and fast simple hardcore doing the driving. (SHORT, FAST + LOUD #15)

Here we find a 7 song compilation 7" from 7 German hardcore bands which was released by Heartfirst to celebrate their 15th anniversary. It is a solid lineup of hard hitting hardcore bands. Burial, Chainbreaker, Doomtown, Now Denial, Bombenalarm, Amen 81, and Solid Decline. All songs are straight up hardcore; no mosh metal, indie rock, or even crust here. The bands are all good and the design for this 7" is quite nice. Definitely a good way to see what German hardcore has to offer at the moment. (Kent, HaC #49)

Seven bands on a 45rpm 7“ compilation. Seems like I won't be confronted with epic progrock anthems here and to be honest I am much better off with this stuff here. This little piece of vinyl unites germany's cream of d-beat and crustcore sensations and a damn lot of incest as the release show in Hamburg's Störte proved. The bands were rotating but somehow at least one musician also stayed on stage or climbed back up after a short break. A friend left during the third band of four (Burial, Doomtown, Solid Decline, The Now-Denial) saying he has had enough Tragedy coversongs for one night and well exept the great Now-Denial taht he missed that night the other three were indeed pretty similar and I myself didn't manage to attend the whole sets of all three bands though they all pretty much kicked ass...
Besides the four bands of said night in Hamburg this compilation also features Chainbreaker, Bombenalarm and Amen 81. All bands chose good songs for this one. Chainbreaker win the prize for the best song title with „dorf nazis must die“ and their song alongside with the one by The Now-Denial also marks the highlights for me. But after all there is no bad song at all on this record and other than a show with three d-beat bands in a row even non diehard crusties should be able to enjoy this in this small dose. Plus the cover artwork with the printed plastic sleeve and the poster/booklet inside are damn goodlooking and the politics behind this release are definitely worth support because, you know, deutschland has gotta die! [yellow is the new pink.com, jan]

BOXED IN - 3rd  7" (also known as "Distance")

Emerging through the shit-filled cesspool better known as contemporary punk, BOXED IN offers another great, full-throttle 80s style hardcore punk EP, upping the ante this time around with more maniacal musical precision, added overall intensity, and a stronger/more throaty vocal delivery than on previous releases. This EP fucking rips. (BS, MRR)

TOAMOL -  Tragedy of a Mind Once Lost 2 x  7"

TOAMOL, from Norway, have a really unique sound going on. They play hardcore punk with some Scandinavian crust influences paired up with NEurossis sounding guitar riffs. The result is great, and I haven't heard anything like what this does played so well. The melodies are dark and twisting like they are on NEurossis' Souls At Zero, but there's also this raging hardcore punk thrown in along with time changes and heavy breakdowns like HIS HERO IS GONE, and overall this record is record is really interesting to listen to. Eight songs on two 7"s and the cover is all hand silk screened. Cool! I think this is a great record and it should not be missed. (DJ, HeartattaCk)

Featuring ex-members of KORT PROSESS and ALLTID JAGET, Norwegians TOAMOL deliver eight songs of dark, heavy, metal-infused (yawn) hardcore. They did a great job packaging this double 7", but musically they -- to say the least -- fall short. Clean, wanky guitar, and gruff, constipated vocals are probably the two things I hate most about today's metal/hardcore corssover scene. Thankfully, this one's limited to 550! (VH, MRR)

SOLID DECLINE Back in Line 7"

Apparently, SOLID DECLINE is an offshoot of the awesome German band Y. They steer away of the blast-beat pace that Y kept and go for more of a fast-paced Scandinavian punk assault. Though this is pretty straightforward they do throw in the occasional melodic guitar riff to make things a little more interesting. Most of the lyrics are in German, but lyric sheet includes song descriptions in English for each song. The songs deal with subject matter like narrow-minded people, the armed forces and marriage. A solid release from SOLID DECLINE. (RC, MRR #262)

Back in the 90's there was a really good hardcore band out of Germany called simply Y. Well, they're back with a new name and are kicking ass as hard as ever! On this shit-hot slab o' wax are six songs that blend the best hardcore, thrash, and punk styles from around the world. Non-stop action here, with enough guitar hooks for three ordinary punk EP's. Five of the six songs have German lyrics, with the title track being in English (English descriptions are provided for the rest), and all have political content. My name is Dan and I approve this record. (Profane existence #46)

BORN DEAD ICON  Unlearn 7"

BORN DEAD ICONS play ferocious MOTÖRHEAD/AMEBIX meet HIS HERO IS GONE crustcore. These guys are from Montreal, Canada. Unlearn is their new four-song EP, and it definitely retains the unique, heavy-yet-rocking style of the rest of their releases. One of the songs is an instrumental track. These four songs were recorded at the same time as their Ruins LP tracks. Yelled vocals, thick power chords, melodic riffs, heavy rocking guitars and moderate to fast beat combinations are what makes this band enjoyable. Lyrics on this record deal with ethics, retaliation, politics, burdens. BORN DEAD ICONS songs are well-written and truly epic, like songs written by the bands they're influenced by. (MRR #242)

Four new menacing tracks of MOTÖRHEAD meets DISCHARGE worship from these Canadians once again. No change in formula here. Straight to the point two-chord riffs, grunted Lemmy-like vocals and a fast, precise d-beat carve out this bands approach. If you've heard their previous output, nothing much has changed. Change is over-rated. (SHORT, FAST + LOUD #10)

BORN DEAD ICONS gallop at full throttle like an iron horse racing through the cold, dark night. Eerie and sickly melodies blanket the gutter snarl of their two singers, all in fierce competition over the sonic deluge of BDI's huge guitars, bass and drums. Cool effect in "Burden" and "Unlearn" that sounds like someone rolling across an AM dial with no luck finding a station. As far as BDI goes this is nothing new but certainly no step backwards either. Coincidentally they played here a few weeks ago and knocked everyones socks off with their unrelenting noise, making this record (much like the KNIFE FIGHT 7" after seeing them live prior) a little harder to love at first sight. Still wondering what they sound like? Just listen. (EQUALIZING DISTORT, Issue 3, Number 10, Nov/Dec 2003).

Oh yeah, my favorite band is back with a round of new offerings. This 7" has 4 songs of their trademark style of incredible pummeling hardcore played fast and with a frantic drumbeat and axegrinding guitars. This band gives me goosebumps I like them so much. The tonation of their sound, the rage, the gallop, the gravel vocals - all of it is so perfect it manifests itself as a soundtrack for me. Crossing the Amebix and Motörhead if you don't know already, but on speed. Fucking perfect!! (SLUG & LETTUCE #76)

What can I say? This Montreal based band has done it again with their new LP and 7". This band is extremely tight, their dark, well written, thoughtful lyrics abou the state of the world today are complemented by a more upbeat musical style than in their previous releases. A must have. (PROFANE EXISTENCE #43)

Seriously fast, heavy hardcore punk with vocals that sound like Lemmy out of MOTÖRHEAD! 4 tracks of heavy riffs with elements of metal thrown in. B.D.I. come across as bleakness itself. A heavy wall of intense sound. The layout of the sleeve is simple with just the lyrics and contact address. Punishing. (REASON TO BELIEVE #10).

If I say the Motörhead of hardcore, it doesn't do this band justice, but that's exactly what it sounds like, minus the solos and trimming the song length while still setting a definite tone and not shying away from slower, heavy breakdowns. It's awesome (in the original sense, not the dude/brah sense) and amazingly cinematic. It's almost impossible not to have something play and worm around in your head when the record spins. I picture bombed out cathedrals, but that's just me. I've always wondered what Lemmy and Co. would have sounded like if they were sliced in half, length-ways, and sewn into the sliced-in-half bodies of Negative Approach. I no longer have to. Rumor is, they've done all Turbonegro sets and called themselves Turbohooker, so they've got to have a sense of humor, too. (-Todd, RAZORCAKE #17).

JIN'RIK'SHA'  End Present 2 x 7"

former members of the norwegian legends ANGST, so you know my expectations were high. just about everything they put out was without flaw -- total powerhouse hardcore. this takes a slightly different road -- it's not the same blazing frenzy, but a more calculated, methodical attack. hoarse vocals, raging hardcore -- you'd say they had mellowed with age, if this was mellow. excellent stuff -- progression without compromise -- moving forward without losing touch. the songs rely on structure in the way ANGST relied on speed -- better with each listen. (MRR)

wow! first of all this is a double 7" -- which is an impressive format. i fell in love with this norwegian band. their sound is heavy and powerful and thick -- with a layered style of weaving guitars and complexities. creates a real mood and feeling -- while throttling you with a wall of power. it's got that style of heavy hardcore with melodic guitars floating around and a real swaying rhythm that has a plodding rocking while mesmerizing quality. kinda of like a cross between HIS HERO and mid-period NEurosSIS with that scandinavian hardcore foundation. i LOVE it! (SLUG + LETTUCE)

i was told by one of the HIS HERO IS GONE-now-TRAGEDY members that JIN'RIK'SHA' was worth checking out, so when this one came in i snapped it up. they are indeed worth a check out or two and then some return visits just for fun. every songs is a heavy hit of hardcore that will appeal to anyone that digs the HIS HERO IS GONE thing, or even more so for those that dig the HIS HERO influences. there aren't any lyrics, so i can't commit on that aspect but the music is quite good. they hail from norway and are according to some one of the best bands from that area. (HEARTATTACK)

ALLTID JAGET - Du Synker Inn... 2 x 7"

i got two double 7"s from norway -- both of which are a real treat, and quite a fromat and this one has a really nicely done booklet with lyrics (in norwegian). what a great band! they play a really heavy style of hardcore that hits with a powerful assault but also weaves in layers of rhythm and a catchy hook. the vocals are extremely deep and gruff and very throaty. there is also a great amount of tempo, with a full range of variety thoughout -- which gives this a very complete feeling. the power drives and weaves and then throttles into a plodding high gear. it's catchy and rocks. i love it until there is a second vocalist that has a bleating quality which i don't like. but other than that one part -- this is awesome the whole way through. (SLUG + LETTUCE)

interesting indeed! a nice mix of metal and punk to create a fairly original [release]. the lyrics are yelled in norwegian, as is everything else in the record. but fear not! brief explanations are provided, only about a sentence at most. from the explanations and the broken norwegian i know, the lyrics are all political ranging from war to being stuck in the social rut to anti-violence. lots of artsy images. a pretty good release i should say!! (HEARTATTACK)

hmm, ALLTID JAGET from Norway definitely have a crossover appeal to them. thrashy metal core with hoarsely yelled vocals. not quite metal, not quite hardcore, and not quite bad. (MRR)

you get some fast fjordcore with a metal tinge on this disk, apparently originally released as a double 7" thang, which would explain why it's still packaged as such. it's not too shabby as far as this stuff goes, but my personal tastes tend to lean toward the more "traditional" sound of swedes - Krigshot and similar ilk. nice cover of Priest's "Breaking the Law" though. (FLIPSIDE)

ANGST - 4  song  7"

do not for one moment confuse this with the old SF ANGST. this particular band is from Norway, and is possibly the best thing i've had to review all month. fast, aggressive hardcore with vocals that remind me a lot of the band INFERNO. decent political lyrics which definitely state their point without being dogmatic. great stuff! (MRR)

classic ccandinavian stuff. not finnish but it sounds like it; this 7" has AMEN or ENT-if-the-were-from-finland written all over it. it's not as fast as most music on this genre but that's not a dis at all; if anything it makes it more original. the guitar sound is kind of different, too. definitely righteous. i play this one loud so the neighbors can enjoy. (PROFANE EXISTENCE)

ANGST/IDORA split 7"

holy team-ups!! ANGST turn in a healthy dose of the same stress-filled Euros-core similar to fellow norwegians SO MUCH HATE, STENGTE DØRER or BANNLYST, beaming off of metallic riffs and smothered in desperate vocals. while on the flip, japans IDORA take out all the stops, the wank guitar-jam tangents that plagued their other releases and deliver snappy-in-you-face hardcore tuneage a la LIPCREAM, or more closely SYSTEMATIC DEATH. choice. (MRR)

BRAND NEW UNIT - All For Nothing 7", No Heroes CD

BRAND NEW UNIT play kick-ass thrashy pop punk. at times some of this reminded me of SNUFF. catchy choruses, progressive melodies and solid production. this EP is really worth picking up. (MRR)

after many delays, the wonderful new six song BNU CD is here. it's on the HeartFirst label, which seems to love vancouver hardcore as of late. HeartFirst has also released a BNU 7" which contains 3 songs on the CD, plus two new ones. good for wax eaters. BNU can always be counted on to get down to business and show us that they have unequalled punk rock skills. this shiny disc lets us know they are still running the show: the songs are catchy and thick, the vocals are clean and the guitars are sharp. there is no place for a wuss cuz the edge is way more aggressive than the first CD, "Under the Big Top" (EXCURSION RECORDS). this is awesome, high energy punk that kicks the asses of the big guns on EPITAPH and FAT, and they're on your own backyard. so buy these cuts on your format of choice and go see these boys live cuz they definitely have been known to tear it up. (DISKORDER, Vancouver)

this is upbeat emo-pop punk. i can't describe the sound, all I know is it's good. BRAND NEW UNIT is another band that leads me to believe the bands overseas are just trying harder than those in the USA. there are so few bands in the US doing fairly original music, it's time to start sending our import dollars out. (PUNK PLANET)

i was so glad to see BNU put out another record on HeartFirst. because, one vancouver’s BNU fucking rock and all the punks know that. two, because HeartFirst puts out the best vinyl in the world, quality vinyl for your buck, that will last through an atomic explosion. BNU is good melodic poppy hardcore, so good as i’m about to dance, hold on. okay, i’m back, anyways sorry about that. these guys rock, you’ve got a very original punk band here, that you’ll love. don’t go and try and tell me you don’t like this, after you buy it. because, i won’t believe you. i seriously, won’t. there’s no way anyone could not like this band. 4 bucks postpaid from BNU. (Agree to Disagree, Vancouver) 

BRAND NEW UNIT - Quickdraw Richy Rich 7"

awesome driving hardcore - heavy on the melodies, which makes the songs instantly memorable. huge, huge, huge production, give the guitars a massive punch, but at no one else's expense. anthemic choruses-I wasn't a fan before this, but I'm out looking for their other releases now. (MRR)

BRAND NEW UNIT is melodic tight and heavy power pop. the canadian quartet kind of reminds me of newer 7 SECONDS stuff, except with more energy and a more driving feel. the guitars are crunchy and somewhat metal, and the overall sound is very polished an tight. a decent record if you like these things. (HEARTATTACK)

good melodic rocking 7". this definitely reminds me of DAG NASTY, basic and simple, but they get the point across. nothing new done here, but sometimes that is a good thing. solid release. (RUST, Seattle)


fast, engaging punk hardcore. though the band is from norway, they have a decidedly SoCal sound, reminding me of the mid/late period BLACK FLAG sound. very well produced, an excellent debut. (MRR)

both songs are fast paced punk tunes with a real melodic overtone to it. but both tunes keep a pretty sharp edge on them. both songs have some great lyrics. this band contains ex members of two great norwegian hardcore bands LIFE... BUT HOW TO LIVE IT? and SO MUCH HATE. great stuff. (FLIPSIDE)


instructions are specific: this shouldn't cost much more than two vinyl singles, and the extra songs on this aren't "bonus-tracks". umm... well, the facts would state: this is a reissue of their two singles (one remastered) and threee previously unreleased (not "bonus", remember?) songs. facts would also state this is by far one of the best bands out of Eurospe in the last couple of years - buffeting hardcore played with serious intensity -- memorable songs, all the critical elements in abundance. great shit, a real treat to gethose "extra tracks" as well! ha. (MRR)

this is a combination of 7"s and some bonus-tracks remastered onto disc. i'm guessing these guys are from norway (the lyrics are written in a foreign language). i'm not sure, but they have that Eurospean sound (if you know what that means). pretty straight forward high-end guitar and tougher vocals kind of making this a heavy RAW POWER with tighter musicianship. once in a while i'll hear some SEPTIC DEATH stuff in there. very interesting, but normally not my type of thing. (RUST, Seattle)

KORT PROSESS - Svart Natt double 7" and  CDEP

whoa. the kings of norwegian hardcore return - and with a vengeance - 16 songs spread out over a double EP. somehow managing to spike hardcore with equal amounts of speed, intricacy and verge -- it's overly simplistic to just call it hardcore -- while that's the foundation, the structure isn't so easily pigeonholed. can only hope with the recent success of other norwegian bands, they start to get half the recognition they deserve. (MRR)

this double 7" is really nicely packaged. the cover is nice, the art is great, the booklet is tasty. aesthetically speaking, this is awesome. the music is harsh. there is a sense of the melodic buried underneath the harsh style, but it isn't easily heard. the vocals are irritatingly rough. there are 16 songs on this double record, which means fast little ditties. the label describes KORT PROSESS as "traditional norwegian hc". that is a pretty good description. i like KORT PROSESS, but I have to admit that I can only take so many cracks to the skull before I am worn out. their sound is hard, and maybe I am getting old, but at times it is almost too hard for my ears. anyway, this is very well done. (HEARTATTACK)

everything about this record is great (with the exception of they're break up). tight as fuck intricate hardcore, with deep punchy vocals, great production so you can hear the constant changes in the music, a musical gem! after you are done rockin' out to this mad display, each record is slipped into its own printed inner sleeve, placed along with the booklet, which contains lyrics that appear in they're native tongue but english explanations are provided, plus well done hand drawn black and white pictures, into its well crafted protective outer shell until next time! (Profane Existence #36)

this is really awesome heavy hardcore with full power and a brutal urgent intensity - and it rocks, too! 16 new songs on this double 7" in a beautiful package with nice design as i've seen before with HeartFirst Records. KORT PROSESS are from norway - and play "traditional norwegian hardcore". this is heavy powerful stuff, played fast and tight with a galloping beat and a really deep gruff voice at the forefront. this is great and it rocks, too!!! (FLIPSIDE)

metallic Norwegian fjordcore with a singer who sounds like Felix from RF7, all packaged to look like a 7". good stuff. (FLIPSIDE about the CD)

KORT PROSESS - 1993  7"

fast, choppy hardcore that has a few hints of melody, but for the most part it's spastic. i'm not sure where in Eurospe these guys are from, but it has that "new school" german sound. eight fast songs with great layout and artwork. (HEARTATTACK)

KORT PROSESS - 1994  7"

absolutely raging stuff outta oslo, norway. it's superheavy brutal HC that has some, admittedly metal leanings. i have to wonder if they've ever tasted RORSCHACH. Nine songs in eight+ minutes. cool booklet, too. their second 7". (MRR)

horrifying thrash noises from these brutal norsemen. sonic destruction that tramples you under their boots. the buzzsaw guitar rips and slashes with abandon. of the nine songs on this little platter, most of the tracks are well under a minute long. just knowing this you already know that this is going to be one really wild ride. it is up there with the brutal noises emanating from their other scandinavian neighbors. (FLIPSIDE)


checking out the cute insert and cover art, i thought i was in for the next SHONEN KNIFE, but no, instead it's full on, intense, bottom heavy japanese girl thrash - i don't know why american all boy bands even bother any more - balls are a hindrance to producing great hardcore, if bands like RG and GAIA are any indication. granted, there are boys in this band too, but the're japanese, so they're at an advantage. do yourself a favor. (MRR)

ouch! this cover looks totally pop, but the music is extreme japanese thrash that will butcher you. two guys and two gals play their instruments like they are chainsaws that are going to decapitate your puny head. five tracks of sheer brutality, classic stuff here. (FLIPSIDE)

this is great, sick screaming female vocals and fast thrash and slower rocking parts. this can't be adequately described it's really good stuff. hope to see more by them in the future. (JAPANKORE)

SPARKMARKER - Scallen 7"

a rather atypical release for this label, known for putting out some really blistering thrash, but I guess they kind of fit in due to the heaviness of their sound. though not very fast they get their energies out in their performance. leaning more progressive they could be what you might get when you mix a chunk of BUZZOVEN with HAMMERHEAD. what's with the title??? well, they dedicated this record to a punk photographer. (FLIPSIDE)

STRAIN - Repetition CDEP

this is by far the best thing I have heard from these kids from seattle (sic!). the production is fantastico. if you haven't heard STRAIN then you have to get this. the music is heavy chugga chugga hardcore done really well! so if you're willing to throw caution to the wind then by all means buy this. (FLIPSIDE)

these songs have already been released on this label in the form of two 7"s and one song that was on a compilation from Pushead's fan club. When was the last time you thought of Pushead? anyway, this was a good idea puttin' it all on one disc with really good production. they did this for those of you who don't cherish vinyl as much you used to. if you don't pay attention, the songs run together and it turns out to be (1) 20 minute song. canada's best offering for HC fans. (RUST, Seattle)


never a bad place to start in naming something, i guess! thick, coarse and punishing punk from germany - powerful songwriting, dense production and some searing guitar. great when they use both vocalists - something catchier about the choruses when they're forced on you. i'm definitely down with this - it's got everything i like about good rock, but it's not slow or, well, rock. excellent. (Tim Yohannan, MRR)

destined to become a worldwide cult phenomenon!. this is unfuckingbelievable; more 1981-ish than the 80s itself. from the same session as the "out of style" ep comes 6 more songs recorded in one day. according to the saying some traditional japanese artists would meditate over a word like maybe "fish" for years and years and then praint one - simple, yet elegantly perfect - in only a few seconds and with only a few hasty lines. i believe this record must result from a similar process, cathing the very essence of punk in the platonic sense. for anyone  that has ever been into black flag and/or angry samoans, this should please even the pickiest musical gourmet and a sure nominee in the category "best cover of the year" as well. (join kao, denmark)

SUPERFAN - Out Of Style EP

amped-up, full tilt BLACK FLAG meets NOMEANSNO high energy punk rock. six songs, all winners. can't really fault this -- meaty sounding, bassheavy, and the singer's yelling himself hoarse... one of the best of '98 so far. (MRR)

ULTRA BIDÉ - Africa 7"

77-ish punk rock mixed with tons of noise and feedback. strange things twist and turn with these three guys from japan. it's hard to pin down their sound, as they bounce around so much from one sound to another. only three songs are here to wet the appetite of those interested. they kind of remind me of an old japanese band called Aburadako. (FLIPSIDE)

impressive massive noise guitar intro, promising stuff I thought, then the vocals kicked in: heavily japanese accented English, a rousing chorus of "yeah, yeah, yeah" and something about wanting to be a tokyo fashion boy or something. mood totally ruined for me. i guess what we have here is the result of some post-BOREDOMS influence on bands, actually the singer sounds like some japanese Jello Biafra with the vocal chords of Eye Yamashta (sic). still, some impressive big-assed guitar sounds and catchy riffs abound. (MRR)

i understand german, i want to read more reviews from german zines