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The goal of Norwegian Leather is to bring you official re-releases of the best Norwegian Punk bands from the 80s on vinyl. We are working with our friends to keep this music, which means the world to us, away from bootleggers and businessmen.

Norwegian Leather Records is a part of HeartFirst Records and is located in Germany.



The first release on Norwegian Leather was the re-release of the SO MUCH HATE - "How We Feel" LP which originally came out on X-PORT PLATER from Oslo in 1987. The record looks like the original but the cover is black & white as the original artwork was colored afterwards. The lyric sheet is exactly like the original. The first 1000 copies of the repress come with an 8-page-fanzine with old interviews and liner notes by long time friends of the band. If you mailorder this record directly from Norwegian Leather or HeartFirst, you will still get the fanzine.

The second and third releases on Norwegian Leather were two LPs by BANNLYST. The "Diskografi" LP has their songs from the split tape with ANGOR WAT, their 7" songs, "Terrorstyre" and "Louie Louie". A total of 24 songs in 44 minutes with some of the best 1980s hardcore punk that ever came out of Europe. There also is the limited edition "Live At Blitz" LP with a great soundboard live recording from 1992.



The LPs cost 12 Euros each. Postage rates here in Germany are very affordable, for one LP the postage is 4 Euros anywhere in the world by airmail letter post. You can add some other goodies from the HeartFirst mailorder to your order to make the postage more efficient. You can pay by bank transfer or by paypal (with a 5% fee). For more info please get in touch below.



Another planned release is a SVART FRAMTID record but the format is still undecided. Quite likely it will be a LP with their EP, their NRK songs and some unreleased live stuff.  In the meantime, Voltage Records from Czech Republic has re-released the "1984" EP.

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Please check out this great website on Norwegian Punk, run by my friend Kjelli



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NOTE: We will not be trading those releases.


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